A showcase of select projects from BluDuc Engineering.

  • Port600x400bm11


    Sheetmetal housing with cast urethane face bezel and thermoformed PMMA dome lid. Custom user interface electronics controlling an industrial VFD and inverter motor. Innovative sample attachment and main bearing allow higher sample acceleration and run time than any competitor.

  • Port600x400faa11

    GMG Airgun

    CNC laser tube and welded sheet metal receiver, RTV silicone mold cast urethane polymer appointments from FDM master patterns, and CNC machined valve components for cost-effective low-quantity batch manufacturing. The most powerful airgun available on the market.

  • Port600x400pv11

    Photo Viewer

    Customer required quick conceptualizations and visualizations of a new product concept. BluDuc Engineering proposed several different layouts and rendered the top 2 customer choices.

  • Port600x400mc11

    Motor Control User Interface

    Custom PCB board, membrane switch overlay, and programming for time/speed control of variable frequency driven motor.

  • Port600x400flu11

    Fluidics Robot

    Robotic fluid handling head with four rack-driven ejectable pipetter tips and 1 tube gripper arm. CNC machined aluminum frame with anodized sheetmetal housing covers.

  • Port600x400hh11


    2-part injection molded clamshell housing with custom motor control and speed display electronics. Innovative flexible coupling is nearly silent at 35,000RPM.

  • Port600x400rob11

    Robotic Platform Accessories

    Fabricated stainless steel ultrasonic cleansing tank with external aluminum control electronics enclosure for a robotic processing device. Also fabricated sheet and machined plastic rinse and flush basins.

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